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Omg my ear has been throbing for 2 days i read about the tea tee oil and put some in my ear and within 5 minutes i can't believe the difference i just put some in a dropper and used it straight out of the bottle

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I had swimmer ear symptoms and put tea tree oil directly into my ear. My ear canal seems to have an allergic reaction with lots of swelling and is weeping fluid. I also have fluid in my middle ear which was not present before using the tea tree oil. These symptoms have persisted for over a week.


You should never use essential oils full strength (also called 'neat'). This includes Tea Tree Oil. You should always dilute essential oils in carrier oils, such as olive oil, sesame oil, safflower oil, avocado oil, etc. The power of the essential oil is not in how strong it is, but the essence of the powerful chemicals in the oil. It takes huge quantities of an herb to refine it down to a tiny amount of essential oil, which means that the oils are HIGHLY concentrated. The reason your ear probably got worse, is that the tea tree oil is too strong for direct contact with skin, and it may have burned your ear canal. PLEASE do not use straight tea tree oil on your skin.


Tea tree oil is not a good idea for ear infections. It does work great for so many other things. Tea tree oil in the ear causes more pain. Be cautious with using any home remedies that tell you to put something in the ear.


The tea tree oil was definitely a bad choice. I wish I would have read the comments first. It burns very badly.


i also put tea tree on a cotton bud and into the ear just very lightly and carefully onto the skin in my ear canal ( against suspected bacterial infection) and since then it has first burned /stung very badly for about an hour and now the ear canal is swollen and painful - i advise against using it in the ear canal if there's already any sort of irritation or inflammation
have been to docotrs and they say there isn't an infection now but the canal is tight and swollen but will either go down by itself or i can use steroid cream for the irritation

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