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Hello. I am a 49 year old female and have fought panic attacks and severe anxiety my entire life. I have been fighting anxiety to the point where I have been totally non functioning. I have been to shrinks and family doctors. The only relief I ever received was either from valium, xanax and klonopin. Which honestly I did not mind to take if my life was functional again. But with all the abuse of these drugs, doctors are becoming unwilling to keep you on these medications. Anyway...after much more research, I have found a VITAMIN that is totally healing my problem. I am so excited I wanted to share this with others. I read about a Canadian Physician who has CURED some mental illnesses with this VITAMIN and so I decided to try it, as my nerves were coming apart once again with out medications. I am taking NIACINAMIDE 500mg 3 times per day and my racing heart, tingling in feet and hands, FEAR, stress, holding my breath etc., are totally gone!! To me this is a miracle without benzos. I started on Tuesday and today is Friday. I have been to the bathroom alot, as if this vitamin is cleaning out my system, but this stopped today. A person can take up to 3000mg per day if necessary. The only warning I have read is if you have liver problems keep your dosage low. I feel the difference after I take one in 30 minutes. I am taking a capsule. I would recommend buying pill instead of capsule so if you need to take the dose down you can. As severe as my anxiety and panic were I just jumped in with both feet with 500mg. Any one suffering from panic and anxiety please try this. It is a true miracle for me. I have my life back !!!!!!

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Can u buy that in any pharmacy here in the states???




I bought NIACINAMIDE at GNC. It comes in 100mg tablets, 250 per bottle. Costs less than $7, and THIS STUFF WORKED FOR ME! I took 3, 100mg tablets to begin. 45min later, I started feeling a little better. I took 3 more tablets, and felt GREAT!. Give this stuff a try. For less than $7, how can you go wrong?


did this work very well for you? i could only find a vitamin that contained 100mg of it, i hope it helps.
Is this still working for you?? any side effects?


It's toxic to your liver. Talk to a dr.


My naturopathic doctor told me to take Niacin 500 mg twice a day and increase slowly to 3000 mg a day. Going to try this. The comment about this being toxic for the liver, so are all the medications for anxiety and depression...they are all toxic for the liver.

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