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Unfortunately most of us have stretch marks and are mostly common in women.. Sorry ladies! As a skin care therapist the best way to help the skin heal it's to exfoliate and treat it with oils that will help the skin renew itself and to give it the nutrients that it needs to bounce back to the way it was.. Unfortunately you can't get rid of the entire scar mark, but you can drastically change the appearance so that it may not be so visible. My recommendation is unveil's fade away stretch mark serum.. The only stretch mark treatment that I have found to have tamanu oil.. An oil that studies show that it helps fade stretch marks. Their website is called unveil body bath and beauty.. Best of luck!

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A few years ago I was very sick in the head and thought 95 lbs was attractive, I gained knowledge and gained 15 lbs to be at a healthy weight for my age (22) and doing so I gained stretch marks on my thighs but you said they can't be removed, I started using the coco butter and they have vanished, no sign of them in sight! I do believe they are gone...


i'm curious, has anyone else tried this stretch mark serum previously mentioned in this thread with tamanu oil and the unveil bath and beauty site?

It seems very expensive for such a small quantity. I'm wondering if the ingredients can be found at a grocery store...

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