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I read all the entries and went with just plain ol' salt....I have been dealing with a yeast infection for about 2 months, taken so many prescriptions, tired of it not going away I decided to just wash with a wet wash cloth in salt water, then just a wet cloth and proud salt on it, held it to my privates, then put salt on my finger and just put it in between the folds and at the opening of the vagina before going to bed...I will have to say that I could taste the salt in my mouth all night and drank and peed all night....but I did not have any white stuff on the outside when I got home....still tasting the salt, glad I didnt do the garlic!!!! This morning in the shower I just washed and then put salt on a cloth and held it there, and I feel so much better. I have been taking AZO yeast pills and aciddolpholis (sp) also.....Feel 100% better!!! Pray that it lasts!!! Thank you for all your comments!

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I have to add, make sure to rinse the salt off really good, I obviously did not and had to rinse with apple cider vinegar.....Still have the salt taste in my mouth, again I am so glad I didnt use garlic, I am going to buy garlic pills tonight.....


I did not have immediate access to apple cider vinegar like alot of people was recommending, so I used a paste of water and salt on a paper towel ( I was desperate). OMG stung like heck but once the stinging went away (a few minutes) it felt SO much better!! Thank you!


So after 5 weeks of tasting the salt in my mouth, I went to the Dr and he was upset with me for doing this. He said that I should have used Epson salt and only in the bath on directly on my private area. I am doing 7 days of Monistat, half a nightly tube on the outside and the other half inside. the salt taste went away almost immediately.......Just saying regular salt made the yeast go away but the salt taste was almost worse than the yeast infection........


I will have to admit that I went to the Dr after the salt taste didnt go away, his suggestion after being very upset with me, was to put Monistat on the outside and inside in every lil crease and crevice for 7 days and it finally all went away. I will never put salt directly on my privates again!


Okay I don't know how you left the salt on all night. I tried exactly what you said and out burned soooo bad I had to wash it off asap

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