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Hello all! My personal advice is: STAY AWAY FROM ANTIBIOTICS! I know that the infection can get bad and the antibiotics temporarily cure it but they also kill all the good bacteria in your system and you will get multible infections. Of course all doctors prescribe antibiotics (diflucan, name it, they are all exactly the same, the active incredient is fluconazole in all of them) that's what drug companies pay them to do. Eating probiotic yoghurt and garlic does help though. And I will certainly try to insert a clove of garlic into my vag hole when I get a chance.

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As a medical student, I would like to clarify this comment. Yes, it is true that antibiotics can cause yeast infections as a side effect due to the decrease in good bacteria in your body. However, diflucan, fluconazole, and other treatments prescribed for yeast infections are antifungals, not antibiotics. Yeast is an fungi, not a bacteria. Those treatments will not make your yeast infection worse or recur. They will treat it!

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