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John B

I have tried Hydrogen Peroxide with Rubbing Alcohal and white vinegar.
It seems to work. the Peroxide causes
whatever is in your ear to foam up with a crackling sound like rice crispy's cereal in a bowl of milk. About 1/3 of each ingredient. You can repeat the treatment about every 4 hours. I can't guarantee that it will work for everyone. It just worked for me even when the swimmer's ear was in the later stages of infection. It might save $$$$$

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just tried this I hope it works!!!!!

Ear candle

Nice tips,You can also try ear candle for any type of ear problem.


Ear candling is what prompted me to use this remedy in the first place. Gave me an ear infection from the ash.


How do you insert the ingredients into the ear? With a rubber bulb ear syringe?


Ive tried ear drops and swimmers ear ear drops but they wont work


My water polo coach poured this in my ear before practiced helped ALOT!


Do you mix these together or jus by steps?


Do you leave the solution in your ear or put it in then tip your ear toward the ground to get it out right after?

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