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Don't use baking soda as it corrodes the lining of your stomach. My uncle used that stuff for years and stopped when his dr told his this.

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Your stomach is coated with mucus and is continually replacing itself. I would advise your relative to find a new doctor.


Plus if it didn't hurt him in 'years', then it prob wouldn't start now.


Baking soda is okay... it won't hurt unless you take it like a daily prescription drug.


The doctor probably wanted him to take a RX that made him more money! Doctors don't like natural remedies. It takes money away from them.


Can't see baking soda damaging the lining of the stomach - unless perhaps if one were to ingest a huge amount?

A couple more commonplace concerns is that it may not be good for those with high sodium/high blood pressure...or if taken often (like all antacids) can inhibit the absorbtion of key nutrients or minerals, leading to things like brittle bones, kidney stones, etc.

allison, RN

Baking soda also know as sodium bicarbonate is the active ingredient in many antacid meds. It will not put a hole in your stomach.


If he used for years , what was his symptoms of using it for so long?

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