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I've had several warts for quite some time now and came across the apple cider vinegar treatment and tried it.. After applying it for the firstnight less then 12 hours later all of the fleshy top part of the warts came right off.. It was unbelievable!! After that part came off everything that was remaining has turned black and scab like.. At this point I am lost as to what to do because I attempted to reapply the ACV and the burning/stinging is too much to handle.. I've gotten to this point and don't want to go backwards so any suggestions would be great.. Thanks.

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I realize this post is several days old but I wanted to respond anyway. At that point you need to give it a day or two. The scabs are good. Let the other skin heal and then take a q-tip and dip in acv and apply directly to the scabbed areas applying with pressure. Those are the area where the roots are. Just do it a couple of minutes a couple of times a day for a day or so and then wait and see. I personally picked the scabs off after. It left a little red open area that quickly healed. If you pick the scan and still feel a bump then keep doing it, JUST with the qtip, no soaks until all the skin is healed up pretty much, then you can use the acv to reevaluate the situation. In my experience the scabs I gave the 'pressure qtip treatment' to did not show up white in future acv soaks so I'm taking that as they are gone for now :)

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