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I wound up in a yellow jackets nest the other week cleaning out an area in the woods, and got stung about twenty times. I didn't have any change on me so I couldn't use a penny, the next thing came to mind was mud, so I went down to the pond and smeared mud all over the stings, that helped a little, I think the pond mud was not good enough dirt. When I got back to the house I grabbed my jar of wild touch-me-nots out of the fridge and dabbed it on. That helped a lot. This is an old American Indian remedy told to me by a Dr.

In August look for wild touch-me-nots, they have an orange blossom, and grow in damp areas. Pick some, (the whole plant) shred it in a food processor, place it in a jar in the refridgerator. When needed, grab out a gob dab it on the sting, you can place the gob right back in the jar. He told me not to use a blender for shredding as he had burnt up his wifes blender. He also told me after grinding if it seemed too dry to add some glycerin. Luckily I have never had to add the glycerin. This also works great on poison oak.

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