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I have had terrible oozing quarter sized blisters. We don't have poison ivy in my area, and I don't get sumac, but I would imagine it would work as well on both of them. A Dr. told me about this about fifteen years ago, he said it was an old American Indian remedy. I went right out and made some up, it worked like a charm on me. I kept that jar in my fridge for a long time then finally threw it out. I made a batch up for some neigbors this year and have a jar in the fridge at our other house, but when my husband realized he had it all up and down both arms we weren't there, so I went out and found some more at this house. It cleaned it right up.

In August look for wild touch-me-nots, they have an orange blossom, and grow in damp areas. Pick some, (the whole plant) shred it in a food processor, place it in a jar in the refridgerator. When needed, grab out a gob dab on the poison, you can place the gob right back in the jar. When the juice dries, rinse with cold water and pat dry with a paper towel. The poison will dry up within 3 days. He also told me not to use a blender for shredding as he had burnt up his wifes blender. He also told me after grinding if it seemed too dry to add some glycerin. Luckily I have never had to add the glycerin. This is also good for bee stings, I wound up in a yellow jackets nest the other week and got stung about twenty times.

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