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My husband has a molar that is half broken off and infected. We couldn't afford the antibiotics the dentist prescribed ($84) since we have no insurance and not enough money since he is looking for work. He rinses his mouth every couple hours with warm salt water. It helped for awhile but the pain and infection persisted. Spread up toward his eye and down towards his throat. After rinsing with salt water, he put garlic oil right on the tooth and took a garlic gel orally. This morning, the swelling was partially gone. This evening his whole face has dramatically reduced and he says the pain is gone and hasn't taken pain meds since this AM. By tomorrow he thinks he will be back to normal....THIS REALLY IS WORKING! Garlic is a natural antibiotic...kills on contact. Now we can get his tooth pulled as soon as all the infection is gone! Tooth pain sucks!

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Peter Johnson

How did you prepare the garlic? Can explain the process you used?

Many thanks


Couldn't find anything called garlic oil at Walmart. Don't know what garlic gel is either.


you can find garlic oil-also just called garlic, in capsule form almost anywhere like walgreens ask the pharmicist if you are having trouble finding it. Kyolic brand is a good brand and I think most pharmacies carry it with the vitamins I usually order mine from which has cheap shipping-4.99 flat rate. I buy the vitacost brand which is about 100 soft gels for about $4. I usually get it in about 3-4 days and I live in rural Idaho. I order all my supplements from them---I have for probably 6 years now and they have not let me down.

Dr Sullivan


Garlic, clove oil, etc is not a substitution for antibiotics...

The fact that it started to spread
to the soft tissue is a dangerous

Not paying $84 could have you ended
with someone going to the hospital with
septic blood issues, coma, liver failure, death...

come on people, have some money saved, get to your dentist.

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