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I am a 21 year old lady who has had lots of trouble with acne since I was 14. I believe I have stumbled upon a somewhat odd remedy to my blemishes... One day, I'm at my boyfriend's house and he happens to own some gel called ASAP. It's made with silver and it's good for healing skin. I had lots of sores on my face, so I used it. I noticed the next day that my face felt pretty nice and my blemishes were drastically less noticable as the day before. So, I decided to look for the gel on the internet. $70 bucks a tube. No way am I spending that money. So, I decided to find out what makes silver good for healing skin in the first place. I find out it's anti microbial. Then I figure 'Hey... Maybe my skin just has more trouble with fighting off the germies than the average person's does.' So I go to the CVS pharmacy across the street, buy some neosporin cream (not ointment, it might be a little too oily for the face), and some Jergen's lotion. I mix a pea sized amount of the neosporin in with the lotion and put it on my face every day. Been doing that about 3 weeks and my face is clearer than it's been in a very long time. So if the salicylic acid stuff doesn't work for you either, maybe your situation is similar to mine and it might work on you too.

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i get hard pimples on my chin that really hurt, the acid thing wrks sometimes but then a few days later i get another 1 just as big right now i have 3 n idk wut to do


Sometimes people get acne from getting dry skin moisturizing would help

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