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migraine sufferer

I have been suffering from migraines for about 20 years or so, Most currently, I have had a migraine virtually everyday since March is now 09/1/2012. Just like most migraineurs, I have spent countless hours in the emergency room trying to stop the cyles of migraines. I see a chiropractor (biggest waste of two thousand dollars EVER) on the upside the back pain that I have experienced daily for the past 16 years is getting better. So I can't be totally made at the Chiropractor. The first Neurologist, in the course of 4 months tried me on 2 different preventatives (topomax and zonegrain) both were an epic failure. His next suggestion was to go to a headache clinic out of state...with a small child, husband and job, this was just unrealistic. I then began seeing another nuerologist. I hade nerve block injections done on both sides right at the base of the skull. Then he stared me on botox treatments. I was a little freaked out about it at first. The thought of all (32) injections in my head had me wanted to run for cover. But then I figured...what's the worse thing that could happen...give me a biggier there, I have them daily. I have only been through one course. I have about a week and a half to determine if the full effects from the botox will really work. I keep saying life can only get better from here...I am at the bottom of the barrell already, things cannot get any worse.

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Oh sister, I am in the same boat... But I am sooooo sorry for you, since I have only had mine for 86 days... 100% positive they are from the anti cancer drug I take. If I stop, I have a very ugly prognosis... Wouldnt care, but have a littl boy and hubby... Please let me know if the Botox injections work!


I feel for ya. I've been suffering for many many years myself. Spent countless hours in the ER or in the dr's office. Morphine is a joke, diladed was a joke, and so was Depakote. The neurologist put me on Percocets. Seems to help but never get full relief. Basically, I have Fibromyalgia and it makes the migraines worse. Drs say, Sorry can't help you. It sux. I do find sometimes that a soda and a candy bar help. But doesn't work so much anymore. All my remedies, are failing these days.


do u have anexity? i get bad headache also. the,dr said it caused by anexity. she put put me on prozac but refuse to take them. it sucks.


Have you tried a calcium channel blocker, like verapamil? I had chronic migraines and took Verapamil for many years (after trying topamax, depakote, Imatrex etc etc) and it worked really well for me with no noticeable side effects. I took it for about 4 years and I got down to only 1-2 migraines/month on it, which felt manageable compared to the frequency I had experienced before (days or weeks of headaches at a time). Just another option to consider if you haven't tried it already!


I have had the botex shots and they do work. I had them every three months for the last 15years cost me a lot but to go headache free for three months was well worth it. And I have been not getting them for the last year and have. Been having very bad migranies again almost daily. But if I could afford the botex again I would in a heart beat.

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