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This has worked every time! all you need a is a lemon or lime and sugar. you grab a pan and turn on the stove and put sugar and the lemon or lime on the pan. Wait until the sugar and lime or lemon crystalizes. Turn off the stove and use a q-tip or a napkin and put some of the sugar/lemon on it and then just remove the canker sore/infection off

note :make sure its a little warm and not to hot
sugar= helps heal faster
lemon/lime=cleans the canker sore
heat= stops the infection
and it tastes a lot better that just salt lol

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how often do you do this? its the very 1st time i have ever gotten a cranker sore.... i was so scared cuz it hurts to open n close my mouth, n i was doing research on this n i feel a lil better it has happened to others. i will try this but how long do you do it for or how many days?


I cant believe it, but it works. I didnt have a lemon in the house but I had lemon juice. I put a little on the stove with the sugar, and it take the pain away within about 1 minute. Crazy


Canker sores are caused by citrusy fruits and drinks, this may not be a good idea.


That is untrue! Canker sores happen for various reasons.


i JUST did it a few minutes ago, it burned a little bit forrr, atleast a minute, but HOLY CRAP my sore's going away :D


Just tried this remedy. and my Pain is gone!! Thanks for posting


I also just tried this and it totally worked. I had 2 canker sores right by each other and it made them both almost completely disappear along with the pain.
Oddly enough, this is the same recipe I grew up using to make wax for hair removal. So weird. Thanks for sharing!


sugar and lime works !!!


Most painful thing I've ever done, and 12 hours later my sore is worse not better. Don't do it!


I just tryed this. It does relieve some of the pain. I am going to try and go to sleep now while it is not hurting so bad. I will do this again in the morning

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