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I woke up two weeks ago with one side of the corner of my mouth cracked. It was so dry and painful that I couldn't open my mouth all the way without feeling as if my whole cheek was going to split open. I'm a registered nurse, and didn't remember from school learning any of yeast infections or drug side effects that would cause such a thing.

I assumed that I had been drooling or something in my sleep and it was simply just dry skin, so I would apply chapstick, vasaline, carmax to it several times a day. 5 days later I had no changes.

I did some internet research and read that it was due to lack of certain vitamins. I began thinking and put two and two together and noticed that I havnt been eating much lately. I am getting married next month and simply have been very stressed and food doesn't sound good to me so I have done without.

I also read a treatment that used dish soap.

3 days ago I purchased a typical multivitamin (I actually purchased the gummies). I have been taking the recommended daily dosage, as well as before bed, taking a q-tip and pouring a little dish soap on the tip. I take the q-tip and a drop of water and swirl it around on the top of my hand and create a little soapy foam. I roll the q tip on the corner of my mouth and let it sit for a minute and wipe it off.

It is 90% better by day 3. I figure a few more days and it will be all healed.

I hope this helps someone, regardless if it doesn't work for you, it never hurts to take a multi vitamin!!!

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This remedy really worked for me in 3 days thank u so much!!!!


Congratulations on getting married!

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