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I use deodorant before to prevent body odor. Deodorant only works for few hours, after sweating a whole bunch, I would smell bad again. Since body odor is cause by bacteria, I tried to look for any anti-bacterial cream that I have and the only thing I had is antibiotic cream. So I tried it and works well for me. I do not have any more body odor anymore. Even if I would sweat a lot after exercising and it last for more than 24 hrs.

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What is brand of cream you used?


what is the brand of that cream and where can i buy that?


Where can i buy that?


Try using Mitchum brand. It works for me.


did you use deordant after you put cream on ?


Be careful using unatural antibiotics because of bacteria resistance buildup and your skin is an organ it can absorb things into it that shouldn't go into your body..


Use Neko soap Sold by Chemist. rub alum. it will provide relief from the problem or check this out at google

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