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I really wanted to whiten my teeth but didn't have half the stuff the other remedies needed so I tried something new. I had some colgate whitening toothpaste so I squeezed about a teaspoon of it in a container then added that again of olive oil then mixed it up. I bushed my teeth with it for around 2-3 minutes (the taste isn't that bad but certainty not great...) then rinsed by brushing with just water for about a min. Then I put more toothpaste on my brush then dipped it in baking powder the brushed for a further 2-3minutes (note. it will fizz up) I brushed with water again and saw a HUGE difference.

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I found this worked a often do you do it?


so my teeth aren't that bad but i tried this and at first i didn't see any results but then like an hour later i did my make up and my teeth were actually a LOT whiter! & the olive oil's pretty gross


How often should I do this and for how long?

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