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I really wanted to whiten my teeth but didn't have half the stuff the other remedies needed so I tried something new. I had some colgate whitening toothpaste so I squeezed about a teaspoon of it in a container then added that again of olive oil then mixed it up. I bushed my teeth with it for around 2-3 minutes (the taste isn't that bad but certainty not great...) then rinsed by brushing with just water for about a min. Then I put more toothpaste on my brush then dipped it in baking powder the brushed for a further 2-3minutes (note. it will fizz up) I brushed with water again and saw a HUGE difference.

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Considered so many different things to get pearly whites.. Almost went to get it done pro but thought I'd have a look and seen this... Off to the shops to buy the ingredients, so hope it works !!!


Just gave this a shot... Possibly a bit of difference, but I'm not too sure. I will try a few more times in the next few weeks and see if theres any difference.


Wow thanks!!! this really worked!! and i didn't do with the oil, i just brushed my teeth with colgate, then cleaned my mouth with water, after that brushed with colgate and baking powder!! immediately result


Uhmmm.. You use baking soda not powder. Because that it didnt work at all.


Will this have any side effects on breast feeding?


Yes works really well with Baking Powder!!


Baking powder and baking soda are the same thing!!!


This defiantly works I tried it and the results where amazing it stings like crazy nd the oil tastes nasty but definetly worth it !!(o nd it burns ur tongue too)


I saw a difference after the first use and my teeth aren't even that bad! Thank you :)


My teeth were white before but dring tea with dinner and coffee with breakfast just regular toothpaste wasnt working this worked great but instead olive oil i used peroxide worked just as good thanks

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