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I really wanted to whiten my teeth but didn't have half the stuff the other remedies needed so I tried something new. I had some colgate whitening toothpaste so I squeezed about a teaspoon of it in a container then added that again of olive oil then mixed it up. I bushed my teeth with it for around 2-3 minutes (the taste isn't that bad but certainty not great...) then rinsed by brushing with just water for about a min. Then I put more toothpaste on my brush then dipped it in baking powder the brushed for a further 2-3minutes (note. it will fizz up) I brushed with water again and saw a HUGE difference.

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So going to try that. Need whiter teeth. Dance competition coming up. Need my pearly whites:)


Should it have to be Colgate ?
And would Crest work too?


If you try with an alternative toothpaste (such as the crest inquiry above) please post your results. Thanks


I used crest whitening it worked going to do it again tomorrow.thanx


This really does work can see the difference instantly! Think it's the baking soda rather than the oil but thanks!


So should I use baking soda or baking powder? I'm getting a couple of different answers.


The buffalo chips worked great on both of my teeth but it taste like shit!!!


Do you think this will ruin my braces?


Oh gosh dont do it if you have braces when you get your braces off under your braces will still be the color you started with and around where the braces were will be white


DO NOT DO TEETH WHITENING WHEN YOU HAVE BRACES. It will leave your teeth different colors when you get them off, because the spots under your braces weren't getting whitened!

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