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I have foud that all you have to do is, step one:make sure its clean
Step 2: put nailpolish over th ring worm
and thats it (: apply the nailpolish doesnt matter what color but clear is good and then you wait till it shrinks, just keep re applying(: it actually sufficates it and makes it shrink. I hope it works for you, comment any questions you have

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Hi,I had ringwarm on my leg over 2 months.I tried vinegar,clorox,sea salt ,nail polish and Epsom salt. Nothing worked.My red spot got bigger. I read about one person's treatment that wash and dry the spot with hair drier then you put lots of cream from counter for ringwarm then cover with plastic wrap and tape it to suffocate the warms. It is finally working for me.Please try this.I don't think home remedies work that well to me,it just irritates my skin and spreads more.


do i have to remove the polish after application? or it will automatically be removed?

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