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I have foud that all you have to do is, step one:make sure its clean
Step 2: put nailpolish over th ring worm
and thats it (: apply the nailpolish doesnt matter what color but clear is good and then you wait till it shrinks, just keep re applying(: it actually sufficates it and makes it shrink. I hope it works for you, comment any questions you have

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How soon do you notice good results?


As weird as this is going to sound I used clerasil deep pore pads twice a day in a spot I had...and it worked!!!


i have found that the clear nail polish WORKS!!!!!!!!! Burns at first but is so worth the lil pain cuz after 3 days it has shrunk down major an doesnt bother me at all thanks for the tip guys after 24 hours i could tell a huge difference :) WORKS WORKS CLEAR NAIL POLISH!!!!!!!!!

ms dinay

I just found out today my son has one and it is pretty small but i am going to try this i hope it doesn't hurt to much and i hope that this remedy doesn't have any future side effects thank you for sharing


Definitely works


How long did it take?


Im about to try it hope it works


I just realized I had ringworm last night and applied clear nail polish to the outer area of the ring, the ring and the inside for good measure. It has already gone down a third of the size. The polish burns and itches until it is dry but is better then the insane itching when polish isn't on it.


How long you have to leave the nail polish?


It is workin, im on day #2. I caught a ringworm from my niece, heard bout dis remedy..and its awesome! Its faster n better den da cremes we were usin;)

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