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Ava Alexis

I've personally struggled with BV for 3 years now. I've had some random health problems in my life but I'd have to say this is probably the most annoying, embarrassing one to deal with. Especially of you're sexual active. My run with BV has its moments. I have times where it's defiantly there & noticeable, along with times where my remedies & medication that have been proscribed actually works. I've notice with using the cream & the pills that you eventually start to build a resistance. It's so nice for it to be gone for a while, sometimes weeks! However it seems to always make its way back... If that be because of lack of vitamins in my diet or sex causing it to return.. Here is how I deal with mine: 

Metronidazole vaginal gel: In the beginning this cream actually worked however that stopped & this stuff is actually really messy.. Douching with half purified water & half hydrogen peroxide: has a tendency to burn afterwards but does take away some of the bad smell. Recently my doctor put me on tinidazole 500mg & again it works for a while but it does return back.. You take it 2 times a day for 2 days. It leaves the worst taste in your mouth but it works quickly usually. I've also started taking daily: Cranberry pills (twice a day) Acidophilus (twice a day) I've been drinking a lot more water, as much as I can take to drink.. I've looked at these posts for years! Seeing ladies battle with this. So I figured maybe I would post what I've used and seen success from.. Hope that helped!! :)

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I am free because of Garlic, it really helps. The best way is to take small glove and put in your vagina. Believe me it really helps!


can i catch BV from having sex and could it be from a partner that possibly cheating. or am thinking too far


This was so hopeful!! How often do you douche?


Yes, you can get BV from a cheating boyfriend. My husband cheated for years and I was constantly getting BV and yeast infections. Once I got rid of him, I got rid of the infections. You can get BV and yeast from other things as well (like to much sugar or stress), so don't assume he is cheating and confront him until you have proof of his cheating.


You can also get bc from certain birth control that throws off your ph down there. Ever since I started my copper iud I get bv after almost every sexual encounter... Especially if I haven't slept with him in awhile.

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