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A success story! I had a plantar wart on my heel for about two years. It never got worse, but with periodic home treatments with salicylic acid, it also never got better so I sought medical attention. My general doctor tried freezing ('cry'otherapy) three times without success. He referred me to a dermatologist. He also tried scraping and freezing with no success. Each time the procedures left me hobbling for days. The dermatologist then injected a solution that caused my wart to blister. I could not put pressure on my foot for a week. It was extremely painful. After the the blister began to peel off (about a week), I was completely distressed to find that the single wart had now multiplied into 6 warts (clustered). I then began to search the internet for help and found this site. I read almost EVERY post! The following is a condensed version of how my wart was cured in less than a month. I immediately covered the warts in duct tape and kept it covered 24/7. I only changed it daily after my shower. The newever, smaller warts completely disappeared after about 5 days. I was thrilled. Where the smaller warts once were, there was just very tiny holes left which eventually healed completely. However, the 'mother' wart was larger now and the duct tape alone had no effect on it. I began to soak my heel in apple cider vinegar for one hour twice daily. I also scraped the top layer before and after soaking with a plastic knife. This helped to get the solution down to the 'root' of the problem. I used plastic knives because they are disposable and I could throw it away after every use! IF I didn't have pain after this, I would then apply salicylic acid gel, cover the area with a bandaid (cut to size) and then cover this with duct tape. Note: twice, I tried to duct tape a piece of cotton ball soaked in ACV to my foot when I would go to bed at night. I couldn't stand the pain! This didn't work for me.
However, after a week I began to see changes. When the skin around my wart became dead (white and raw) I would gently remove it. It would come off easily just by rubbing it with a paper towel. I never used anything sharp or dug till it bled! If the area became raw around my wart I would put some vaseline with a qtip around the wart...not one the wart, just around it to protect it. I would always throw away the qtip. I sometimes would clean the area with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide just to keep it clean and occasionally would put antibiotic get on it if it seemed necessary. After a couple of weeks the ACV would cause my foot to ache so bad that I would soak my foot in epson salt and hot water instead. So, at this point, I was going back and forth from ACV to hot water and epson salt. About 4 weeks later, the area of my wart and surrounding my wart came loose. When I pulled it up, the underneath part looked dark brown and hairy. After pulling this chunk off, my heal under this was clear. I could tell it was wart free. However, just to be sure, I continued soaking in epson salts for another week. Today, it has been almost two months and I am wart free!
In retrospect, if I had attacked my wart at the first sign, I'm convinced that it would have been much easier to get rid of and I could have saved about $180 of doctor visits. Also, I recommend taking vitamins and supplements especially those for immune health. Last piece of advice. Start early, be persistant and (as a Jesus follower) pray! (God, who created all mankind is also a God who heals). Hope this is a help to you!

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Thank you for sharing your experience. I was so happy to read your reference to Jesus, our awesome Lord. He does, indeed, heal. Knowing that you may never see this comment considering it's a year past your post, someone else may...

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