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Magnesium works very well for me. I first tried magnesium from CVS and that did not work. Then I learned that it is a laxative and your body does not absorb it. Now I use the MgBRIGHT brand 2 pills with each meal and am very happy.

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I took a 1/4 teaspoon Of magnesium as Nature Calm as I am always cautious with new products -1/2 tsp was advised - recommended before bed-time. It did not fizz in the water. as I had expected it to. I hardly slept - when I did sleep I had vivid nightmares. I suffered back and neck pains and brain fog and depression the next day.

I have tried another form of this Magnesesium with a high street store and had a similar reaction. Unfortunately this supplement does not work for me. Difficult to assess star rating in the circumstances.

Please research this supplement carefully. Found this quote on this page

'IMPORTANT: If you have any kidney disease or kidney issues, do not supplement with magnesium. It can cause more problems, can cause kidney shut down, and be life threatening. Be very aware_ that if you supplement with magnesium and are taking any prescription meds, i.e., thyroid, insulin, blood pressure meds, anti-depressants, statins, and other meds, magnesium supplements can alter how these drugs work in your body. You need to keep a close eye on yourself and talk to your doctor in case you need to reduce or stop any meds'

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