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Ginger tea, or ginger nut biscuits. I am 12 weeks pregnant and very nauseous everyday.

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that's really swell you know, bringing a helpless baby into an overpopulated planet where western kids eat eastern kid's bananas, and you are complaining about nausea??!!!

nausea is the price you pay for overpopulating the planet with retarded kids

seem you have a pretty sweet deal comparing to that idiot


What about you kill yourself and do us all a favor.. It will be one less ignorant fool on the plant we'll have to deal with!!!!!!


Erik your an idiot choke on vomit


The posts before this are from smug self rightous idiots (maybe even just one) thankyou for the ginger tea idea,it does seem to help


The ginger tea really helps thanks. Did think i was going to hold it down but it soothed the belly.


I suffer from nausea secondary to Crohn's disease, and although ginger may help in some cases for me it acctually does the opposite and even cause vomiting. But Thank you for the suggestion..

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