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hello names zach and i have read about the remedie for genital warts concerning apple cider vineager....does this stuff cure everything? ( it also helps with acid reflux if you DRINK a teaspoon a day)--n e hoo--i was skeptical but i tried on the first day i had to mentally battle myself to endure the PAIN of the acv on my skin...but believe me its worth it just 3 days i saw rersults they turned black and fell off me like a dead mosquito--one thing i realized though is that you HAVE TO apply GREAT pressure if you want to see may hurt but its worth it..... i also prayed alot because my children, my future wife...and everything is on the line when ur talking about the fruit of my loins....hope this helps everyone

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I readabout useing acv over a year ago this stuff does work it takes about 5 to 7 days and is somewhat painfull by day 3 but it is worth it I found that useing a cotton tip to soak a waterproff bandaid is the best way to keep the affected area treated so not to burn any other areas surrounding after day one the turn white and they do come off whithin a week. i used 1% zinc ( baby rash ointment to follow up with it seems to heal the skin quickly without scaring they have been gone for over a year now , but they can reapper as there is no real cure so visual inspections are nessacery and keeping your pubs trimed so you can see the skin.

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