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Adelina Robles

I started having constipation problems after a long trip out of the country. I tried many remedies but nothing worked. I heard about PoopDoc constipation formula on the radio and decided it was worth a try. I love it!
I also eat a very high fiber diet and drink several bottles of water a day ... really necessary for good digestion and colon health!

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Thanks! The constipation formula from Poopdoc really worked. Thanks again. ;)


You eat a very high fibre diet...?! Well NO WONDER you're constipated! I'm constipated now due to medication, but I used to eat a high fibre diet, too - NO WONDER I had IBS!

Once I began eating healthily (low-carb/high-fat Palaeo) and ditched all the evil unhealthy grainy crap, I was fine!

Suggest you do the same!


Thank you so much for this remedy!
Poopdoc constipation capsules work very well and every time. :-)

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