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simple, easy, effective way for quick releaf from cough ----
keep one clove (lavang) in mouth... just bite it once and keep it in mouth one side. u will not cough single time as long as it is there. you can keep one and sleep...
this is also good for tooth ache, bad breath, mouth ulser.

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Que Stevenson

I had clove oil here for a toothache I had. I read this looking for a remedy for my daughter's cough, gave her a few drops, and her cough IMMEDIATELY stopped! Thank you for sharing!!


Cough stops immediately. Amazing! Thanks for the tip!


wow actually works.


This worked very, very well. Thanks!


It worked! THank you!


So effective! immediate relief for itch in the throat and reduced cough instantly!


how does the mast remedy work (clove)

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