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simple, easy, effective way for quick releaf from cough ----
keep one clove (lavang) in mouth... just bite it once and keep it in mouth one side. u will not cough single time as long as it is there. you can keep one and sleep...
this is also good for tooth ache, bad breath, mouth ulser.

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mast remedy...zhatpat aaram try once!!!


OH MY GOD .. AMAZING .. i was dieing with cough n i got to know this remedy by google search ... now i am so relaxed ... THANK YOU SO MUCH


Fantastic , instant relief. Thanks



I have been doing this for years now and its a quick relief.


This remedy is fantastic, easy and works wonders! I have/had a horrible non-stop cough from pneumonia. Nothing gave me any bit of relief not even the prescription cough med the doctor gave me. This is great, I get a little cough here and there but it definitely calmed things down drastically. So grateful to have found this, I highly recommend it.

Paulette Bachert (PA)

I've been coughing for 4 weeks straight, taking my allergy pills as prescribed along with nose sprays and prescription cough syrup with no relief... Coughing constantly non stop unless I was sleeping. Read this remedy and it WORKED!!! THANK YOU for the helpful tip!!! My husband thanks you too!!! :0)


After I bite the clove once, how long can I keep the clove in my mouth


Thanks a lot. The clove really helps. It took away 90% of the cough :)


My wife tried this last night and it totally worked!!!! When ever the cough started, she would bite down on it and move it to her cheeck again and made it stop immediately.


Thank you so much for the recommendation, I have a cough that burns my chest very time I cough, I am trying the garlic clove in my mouth and is working. Thank you again!

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