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I read suggestions and tried mustard. I was of course very skeptical about it! The idea of eating something acidic adding to more acid sounds crazy but the mustard actually worked!

When I first swallowed it (tablespoon)it burned very badly and thought to myself- this was a bad idea I will need to drink milk. But I gave it a couple of minutes and the burning had gone completely, my tummy felt great. It's definitely worth trying.

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zoey redbird

u can also eat or drink ginger its fast acting and it last all day i drink 1 to 2 cups of ginger tea a day and it helps,i also like to snack on ginger snap cookies instead of candy it low fat and actually good for ur stomach.


I didn't have home any of the other things ppl were suggesting but I did have mustard and it really really worked for me thanks a million the pain was terrible but mustard worked for me


Mustard is probably the most bizarre remedy. I tried it and after the initial burn, it really worked. Thanks!!!

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