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I contracted GH when I was 18 unfortunately. My first OB was terrible I didn't know what was happening. I finally wazs able to see the DR a week later and found out. A year later I ended up not having any insurance. I was so stressed i kept gettin OBs.. Acyclovir was $500 without it i didn't know what I was going to do with just the pills and not the ointment. I was searching the internet for any bit of info to help me that wasnt expensive. I tried crushed Tylenol with drops of water spread on the area, abreva with crushed Tylenol but both only work for a short period of time. CARMEX works THE BEST!! It's only .99 cents and it gets the job done.

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Thank you for ur Carmex advice


Does that burn????


Carmax? I use Carmax on my lips to keep them moist so with that being said, when you having an OB, that area is suppose to be kept dry....right?


I thought keeping them dry was best also? I REALLY need something for pain though. what do yall use?

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