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Im so happy I read some of the comments posted here to help me with my dry socket pain. As most suggested here and other sites, I bought the RED CROSS TOOTHACHE KIT at CVS. Something finally worked!!! Had four teeth pulled but one of them was an impacted wisdom tooth and it proved to be the worst of em all. Like many others I have been in agony for a week, nothing worked and Vicodin made a tiny dent in the pain. Because its well hidden I couldnt see the socket but after reading all of the symptoms of dry socket I realized that was the problem. Anyway, the Eugenol/clove oil helped immediately altho I did notice that it burned a lil bit on some of the surrounding tissue. That was minor and went away but the pain-relieving effects stayed. Finally got some sleep last night and will contact my dentist today. I def recommend this product.

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I was in such pain after getting my wisdom teeth out. I'm on day 6 and the pain was unbearable Vicodin and tylonel wouldn't touch it. I read about the CVS Red Cross tooth kit and immediately went and bought it because my oral surgeon couldn't get me in for another 2 days!! I tried it and Oh My Gosh... Instant relief finally!


I want to thank everyone on this forum for recommending the Red Cross Dental treatment kit! I had a Molar pulled la st Weds (took 90 minutes to get it out, crown broke off, then they had to drill the rest in half and remove each piece!) Holy cow. Well, this was my 1st tooth pulling experience and I thought the pain was probably typical. Wrong! Day 3 things got so bad that I was taking more dialuded than I ever took when I had a total knee replacement 2 years ago! Last night I was in agony when I Googled dry socket and found this site. Everyone said get the Red Cross Kit so I did today. MY GAWD! Talk about almost instant relief. And it's been hours since I did the 1 minute treatment and it still feels great! GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU FOR SHARING THIS MIRACLE! I really appreciate it!

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