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Vitamin E with Aloe Vera Ointment in the morning and at night. Do Not Scratch!

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organic rock

I tell you what worked for me, drinking aloe vera gel and propolis cream which has aloe in it also, i was sceptical at first until i tried it and about 10 days later the rash on my hands had cleared up. I also have a rash on my upper eye lid (it looks like a bruise - 2 shades of black) and i can see the difference its making. Apparently I have to drink for at least 2 months before I see any major sign of improvemrnt because every 28 days new skin cells are produced. So far so good Im noticing the difference already my skin has a glow to it, and im using a propolis cream which is excellent, i apply it twice a day and its safe to use on eyelid. These products are not pumped full of chemicals and side effects like what the doctors prescibes!!!!! these are totally organic. I purchased it from website


do not scratch? hahahhaha thats easier said than done.

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