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The best method to get rid of the horrible pain is just simply fill a hot water bottle up with boiling water and place it against either the left or right cheek (depending on which tooth is hurting) worked well for me.

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I've had really bad toothache and can't get in to see a dentist till dec I've tried lots of things like paracetamol and really strong parasol and oracle extra strength gel non of them really worked for that long so I got some cheap paracetamol 500g broke it in half and chewed it with the tooth what hurt for a min then had some cold water and rinsed for 30 sec and then spit out I've been doing this about every 2 hours and has worked great and it's lots cheaper then buying all the other things that don't work good luck x


This hlpd soooooo much n soo fast... Thnx :)

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