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im 17..ive had stretch marks since once upon a time..icant say theyre.completely gone but hey.theyve faded pretty nicely..and im able to wear shorts..something icouldnt do anyways iknow ur anxious to know but first of all im not a doctor obv so ijust mafe up some stuff that my instinct told me would work and i gotta say, whether by coincidence or stretch marks have improved...first things first, if u just got ur stretch mark..those nasty red color ones be thankful! and get it on!! and here it is.. look for something u apply to ur body with a scrub or an st.ives scrub for the face, caress with those little beads.or even sugar with honey..whatever u like as long as theyre rough..try stone if u like(the one for the body) ive never tried but hey imight in the future..use lotion! a good reliable lotion! iuse st. ives 100% natural the orange one..ur skin will be so soft! and im also using the body was st.ives 100% natural....use a loofah and scrub away until it hurts enough to remove those pesky marks but not peel your skin! when u apply it right after u take a bath when ur pores are still open! in a circular motion..u can also shave your legs where ur stretch marks are..ithink it helps with opening ur pores for that lotion..not to harsh now though! avoid stuff tha will dry ur skin like bar soap alcohol whatever! it will worsen ur skin..and thats this everytime u take a bath and u'll not only get smoother skin but less visible stretch marks..u can try this along with other of ur remedies..and oh i almost forgot..vicks vaporub!! absolutely works fne!! every evening put it on until morning see difference in a week!! notice i said difference not disappearance!and thats it! any questions will be it feels looking at them gals with bikini and all while ur stuck with shorts and shirts...its frustrating.but dont give up..ur not the only one and hey iknow this is cheesy but having stretch.marks will snatch u the perfect.guy who will live u for what u are not because u have a sexy bod! however that doesnt mean u shouldnt try achieving it!!goodluck to y'all journey and hoping for the best:) im not gonna go on being healthy by the way cuz im not a hypocrite..idont do those so yeah but hey it wouldnt hurt for u to be healthy and free.of those unpreventable marks!

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Gal, i js hav 2 say, u gev us many options, thnx, im also in dat group, wher u wtch dem in deir bikinis, nd u in shrts nd a sama long sleeve shirt. Thnx, ama try dat 4 ril. Thnx agen gal4rnd.

Janeva Alexis

The other remedies are really good except for the Vicks Vapor Rub one... Vapor Rub isn't supposed to be used on damaged skin.. I realized that AFTER I tried it, & I saw a little bit of a difference.. Si, i'm not sure if its bad to use it.. I'll ask my doctor to make sure though.

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