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If you get a few bigger spots, followed by a second outbreak of a ton of smaller spots, you probably have pityriasis rosea. My 'spots' even fooled my general doctor which was certain I had ring worm. I used ACV which aggravated what I actually had. I recommend, if something doesn't seem right, go to a dermatologist and save yourself a lot of pain (3 months for me). Google images for 'pityriasis rosea' if you want to see what the spots look like--fairly close to ringworm but completely different treatment.

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This post helped me out a lot. I thought I had ringworm but it wasn't. Only about 2 weeks into P.R. Outbreak. Glad to know I'm not contagious.


Very helpful.


Thank you! Ringworm made no sense...your post prompted me to Google pityriasis rosea, and what I have looks exactly like the photos. I'm glad I didn't spend $300 on the cream for ringworm -____-

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