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go to almost any drugstore and buy a cream wash called Zanfel, its a little bit pricey but worth every cent! Its the only cream proven to remove the oil, you can also use the generic brand which works just as well and is about ten dollars cheaper, just make sure it contains the same ingredients! I am very highly allergic to poison ivy and it spreads on me like crazy, even causing my eyes to swell shut, i had done the whole steroid thing but all that did was take down the swelling, after two days of washing with this cream wash my poison ivy was completely dried out and flaking, and this is very impressive considering i had thick, leather like welts on my face, just make sure you follow the directions, they are very specific, but this is my new favorite way to get rid of it! it also stops the itch for hours!

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Zanfel really does work. I was amazed that the relief came so quickly. Both legs had huge patches of infection. I treated the worst leg and rinsed it off. The first leg air dried as I treated the second leg. As I was treating the second leg, I noticed the affect areas on the first leg were still wet. I guess the poison was coming to the surface of the skin. It's nice to know something really does work like it claims. I bought 2 packages so I can retreat if necessary. I'm looking forward to a good night sleep tonight.

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