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So Im definitely new to the whole heartburn thing. Recently gave birth 2months ago and since then this is the 2nd time I've woken in the middle of the night with severe chest/ upper back pain, with the feeling of some intense tightness. The first time i had it I thought maybe I was having a heart attack. Googled my symptoms and after stumbling upon this site, tried the baking soda and water remedy. A few burps later, and sittting upright had me better in no time. This time it didn't help as much so here goes 2 slices of bread and a cup of hot tea and honey.

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Omg I don't think your having heartburn... Pressure, tightness, shortness of breath need to be diagnosed by a doctor. As a paramedic I've seen many people who think a heart problem is heart burn!!! Please go see a dr and don't self diagnose via the intranet!!!


Your symptoms sound alot like gall stones, i suffered with that my whole pregnancy and the way your explaining how your feeling is exactly how i felt. If you havent already or still get these symptoms go and get it checked. Hope your feeling better

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