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My husband has had it a few months now. Tried most of the remedies on the internet and from the doctor. None worked more then a couple days and then it really started to spread. It started on his started arm spread to his torso and legs. Now we find out it isn't ringworm. It a type of Eczema that imitates ringworm. It's called 'Nummular Dematitis'. So that's why nothing was working. This may be the case for some of you, look it up.
Hope this helps.

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He probably has pityriasis rosea


This is what I have too -- I thought it was ringworm but the anti-fungal cream I was using didn't do anything, so I went to the doctor. It sounds like it's somewhat common for people with what they think is ringworm to find out they have a different skin condition. It's definitely worth having a doctor check it out so you can start treating it with something that will work. I've been using a corticosteroid cream for two days for the eczema and it's already disappearing. Not a home remedy, but it works!

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