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I'm Egyptian and I've recently tried this remedy which a family member from an older generation told me about and it's, by far, the best I've ever tried. I used to have dry frizzy hair till I used this remedy which really softens and adds shine to your hair, straightens it and makes it slightly less frizzy.

Ofc feel free to double or triple what's written below according to your hair length and thickness.

Get a bowl, add a small cup of olive oil, a small cup of liquid bone marrow (no, not bone marrow extract oil, buy actual bone marrow from the butcher and heat it till it turns to a liquid) and an egg yolk and mix them together.

I got grossed out too at first but trust me, it doesn't smell as bad as it sounds and it doesn't feel gross when you touch it.

Apply a generous amount to your hair thoroughly, don't forget your roots and leave it on your hair from 3 to 4 hours and wear a bath cap. Rinse well and shampoo about 2 times to get rid of it all and not to have any remains. I would suggest not to condition so you can see what this remedy solely does to your hair and not mix its results with what your conditioner normally does to your hair but feel free to do so.

You will notice the difference even after trying it only one time. Soft, not to mention SO SHINY hair! 
Use this remedy twice a week for 3 weeks to get the maximum results.

Hope this helps and tell me what you think!

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Angie C

You didn't say what type of bone marrow.


Really now we don't know what type of bone marrow


I did it without the marrow and added mayonaise and heated it all in the micro. My hair is SO SHINY & SMOOTH
after one application. Will do it again today because I am having a body wave tomorrow. I am 86yrs.


I am SO HAPPY to have tried this amazing home remedy. I asked my husband to get me some marrow bones from the butcher. he got me them frozen, one big one and two smaller ones. I preferred the smaller ones as there was tons of nice marrow. I had the best result putting them in the microwave on defrost and getting them just until I could pull the marrow out. I put this in a cup with extra virgin olive oil from Costco etc. Basically I followed the recipe exactly, maintaining proportions however adjusting quantities because I don't need 3 cups of this stuff. I applied to dry hair and left it on for 3 hours+. I had planned to use a home heating cap, instead since I was short on time, I blow dried my hair with the goop on it over the tub while combing it through for a good 20-30 minutes. Then I shampooed 3x with Clean and Clear Gentle Foaming Facewash (because it's super mild detergent). I am Korean. have been processing my brown-black hair to a light brown for 23 years...and I have been a party girl and because I was having a problem with breakouts due to some products I was using I started to use a very lightweight conditioner...that basically was not very moisturizing. With the result that my hair was very dry, very brittle I was even a little embarrassed at the hair dresser. In college people strangers told me how I had beautiful hair. Well, my long processed hair (medium - not thin and not thick and I don't have that much of it though I have always had good volume) is 4-5 inches past my shoulder...with the exceptional dryness about 2/3 down...With just one treatment I still have about 4 inches of dry brittle hair however I notice a tremendous improvement and I am so glad that I waited because I was going to get it all chopped off. This treatment I think is a protein treatment and it is so amazing that I am sure I'm going to get my younger hair back. With one treatment I notice 70% improvement. My hair feels thicker it is shinier and feels great. Looks healthy. My hair had stopped responding to the drug store hot oil treatments. This works even way way better than Le Kair cholesterol which I can't find anymore, though that stuff was awesome. I have also been supplementing with things like Barlean's primrose oil and nordic naturals fish oil in a bottle...special two multis and some other stuff which I think have contributed as well. Anyways, I'm going to do this 2x a week for 3 weeks. Thank you to the poster who generously shared this hair secret and good luck to you should you decide to try it. I will say, that it is very very messy and it will take a lot of grease cutting cleaner to clean up the unholy mess at the end!!!!


I am almost certain that I used cow bone marrow. My husband went to the organic butcher. I'm not sure that the type of marrow matters that much though bigger bones will give more marrow and I think that bones from the center and farther from the joint have the most yield.


I tried it and it was very good, really like it I use it ones and my hair look softer and shiny thank you so much for the treatment.XX

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