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hey. i read the stories on this page and they have uplifted me so much. i just found out a day ago that i was diagnosed with Gh. i was historical in my doctors office. thinking my life is over as looking at websites seeing ther is no cure for this std. me being 18 i saw my whole life flash before me. i contracted it from my ex boyfriend and had to tell my current partner about it because we had sex without a condom. he was scared and i felt so guilty and responsible . i cried all day. going through horrible pains all alone this helped me figure out my life and i saw this as a turning point. im starting to forgive myself because i know this isnt my fault as for i wasnt the one who had it but i till feel guilty. im sure this will be over soon & i hope the future has less painful ob than the first one.

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sad girl

I get what you mean! i've been going to the doctors over and over and they cant diagnose me because nova Scotia does not do blood tests for herpes just cultures of a actual herpes sore, and i have yet to have a liquidly sore just tingling and icthing and a rash that they claimed to be 'exzema' ive had soo many tests they come bac neg for everything else so its herpes i have every symptom i'm 18 just turned 18 went to mexico first time away from home and this is what i bring home, but i had a boyfirend at home and frist thing i did when i got bac was sleep with him and i told him in the morning that i had slepted with someone else and he stays with me to this day but he doesnt believe that he could have herpes and if it come down to the doctor really diagnosed me i dont no if he wil stay, i feel like a horrible person.

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