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I have had toenail fungus for 10 years. 1/4 of nail bed on both big toes lifted. I cut nails as close as I could & started applying straight bleach out of bottle twice a day & shine laser from hunting rifle 2-4 minutes on each toe once a day. No irritation to skin & fungus is better. Will probably take a couple months for nails to grow back fully. I am very glad to get on top of this because I think fungus has caused me other health problems.

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Jake russell

Your gonna shoot your toe off and personally, I think its wrong to use a laser to hunt. If a man can shoot he don't need a laser to aim for him. Go put some rounds down range and take that laser off your hunting rifle and put it on your home defense weapon.

I Like Turtles!

I just started the Clorox yesterday. I cleaned an empty nail polish bottle and brush, filled it with bleach, and brushed it on my nails and surrounding skin last night. My nails immediately turned black/dark brown on the edges, the skin turned a little orange, and some toes also bubbled a little as if they were in peroxide or something. There was no pain, however. Is this a normal reaction with bleach?

I Like Turtles!

The reaction was caused by iodine that I had used that morning.

tar tar

Just pull the trigger. cured


I dont know about the laser but I personally had fugus in one index toe and both of my big toes, on one, the nail bed had lifted nearly all the way to the cuticle. I had had this fungus for 7 years (by the way I am only 27)and had even gone to the Dr about it, where they gave me an Rx that I didnt take due to the side affects. I started doing straight bleach, I clipped the nail back as far as possible then filed it down and even dig all that nasty stuff out from under them, would lay out an old dish rag/towel, had bleach in an eye dropper (labeled BLEACH) and would apply the bleach several times a day. I stopped wearing close toed shoes and if I did go out in public I would place clean sport strip band aids over the toes. Just 6 weeks into this process I started seeing results, mind you I thought I would never get rid of it and thought I was seeing things. 3 Months had gone by and my nails were growing out fungus free, now 5 months later I can say that my nails are fungus free and beautiful!! I cant wait to finally go get a pedicure!! I wish I had done a photo log so people with this problem could see the progress.

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