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For all of the people on here who insist on antibiotic treatment- think of this, antibiotics are like applying pesticides to your garden instead of creating a healthy robust soil where plants are naturally pest-resistant (which perhaps you do also) and i too, Used to take them- but after studying the foundations of true health, The body depends on healthy microorganisms in your body as little soldiers to perform all sorts of functions, including killing the bad bacterium that may enter your system. Herbs on the other hand do not wipe out all of the organisms in your body, they strengthen and aid the specific ailing organ in need, and have constituents that are as strong as antibiotics in their microbial killing power, though they only attack the PATHOGENS. (A wisdom of nature far beyond synthetic factory made compounds) That said, Ive been taking a tincture of Goldenrod, Horsetail, Cornsilk, Uva Ursi, and Juniper berry with EXCELLENT success- the only problem is I felt so much better after day 2 I stopped taking it, drank a bunch of alcohol, had sex and ate sugary cookies, and allowed myself to become dehydrated. I resumed taking the tincture this morning and already feel relief. I will continue with treatment for a full week this time. Im going to try the ACV and lemon tonight also. Good luck! May health be with you all soon.

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Where did you get all this stuff from or where did you buy them from Goldenrod, Horsetail, Cornsilk, Uva Ursi, and Juniper berry


Hmmm. I think taking health advice from someone who drank alcohol, had sex, and ate cookies with a kidney infection is a stellar idea. By all means, I think I'll skip the doctor and the antibiotics.
Wow. What an irresponsible website. I am sure there are people foolish enough to attempt this witches brew instead of consulting with a physician about a potentially life-threatening illness. Despite your small disclaimer above, this website promotes a totally unsafe approach to healthcare.


I have to agree. If you think that antibiotics are like pesticides but you ate sugar, drank alcohol and had (probably unprotected) sex with no problem I think your advise is a little skewed. Alcohol, not the most healthy natural thing for your body.


The point at has is that it worked very well. If you are intelligent enough you could look into the molecular reactions as to why it works so well. Antibiotics are a blanket killer. How many of you actually take probiotics? Our body maintenance is just like a cars, if your not treating it right it will go out, if you always treat it well then it will last a million plus miles ...


Anyone who discredits this website is insane.. the woman was only admitting to her mistake of stopping the natural treatments too early and teaching that you should continue it for several days. To those who judge her all natural ideas because of her honesty.. get the h**** off the site then. And so what if she had sex,ate sugar and whatever..who doesn't?? Ya can put your nose as high up as you want.. while ur having ur sex and sugar..cuz ya know ya To the one who posted the ideas,thankyou so much!!


Thank you for your comment about drinking alcohol, eating sugary food & having sex. I have just recovered from a kidney infection which I tried everything for and had to give in and have antibiotics. The infection cleared up and after over a week I did all your 3 bad things too and my back/kidney pain has returned with a vengeance. I didn't realise they would have such a drastic effect after I thought I was better. Thank you for putting my mind at rest. I am seeing the doctor anyway on Monday for blood test results & a follow up examination. Love your comment & thanks again!

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