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Elizabeth R.

Ladies, I dealt with this problem for about 3 years. The reason for the chronic issue, in my opinion, is the reliance upon prescribed antibiotics, because the antibiotics kills all bacteria, good or bad, and when you don't replenish your body with good bacteria, bad bacteria has a better opportunity to grow.

That said, the issue at hand is an imbalance of good vs. bad bacteria, so what I had to do to obtain balance again over a period of a few months (you have to be patient and keep up good habits) was consume pH-balancing foods and beverages, as well as vitamins, such as Synergy Kombucha (alkalinizes the body, grapefruit juice (alkalinizies the body), kefir yogurt drink (promotes good bacteria), vitamin D (studies link BV to vit D deficiency), echinacea (immune-system booster, vit C (immune system booster), GREEN TEA INSTEAD OF COFFEE (alcohol and coffee are irritants, while green tea is an antioxidant), minimize alcohol and tobacco intake (the fewer toxins, the better),and minimize intimate partner's ejaculating inside of you without a condom. Drink lots of water, cranberry and grapefruit juice, lots of organic green vegetables, and if you are allergic to anything, such as dairy, nuts, gluten, etc., stay away from that. I'm allergic to almonds, I found out, and since I cut them out of my diet, I've had more success being free from BV without almonds. TRY EVERYTHING! Be patient, pray, it WILL go away.. :)

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