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Soak your feet in Listerine the yellow bottle
This is the best it kills bacteria and it will go away for good..

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Listerine? I just think thats only for oral hygiene...I'm not sure if this works.

I personally prefer remedies made from cedar wood, such as cedarsoles from zederna. It's because the cedar wood has very antifungal attributes, which keep infectious bacteria away.


Listerine works wonders. I will have to try this for sure. Cause when my son had head lice I saw on a site to use Listerine for an hour and then pour vinger on your head for an hour then wash and comb. It has worked everytime. My friends kids had it ALOT! so everytime they came it never failed we had to clean EVERYTHING! Thank you!


isnt fungal and bacteria are two different species? eh?

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