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DO NOT TRY VINEGAR OR BLEACH!!!!!!!!! Those are 2 things the doctor will tell you to try, but bleach can cause an infection in your skin and vinegar literally burns your skin. I tried vinegar once a day for 2 days and it looks like I took a lighter and burned my face. I have tried baking soda and water and it seems to work. I have also tried anti-itch lotion and spray and it takes the itch and pain away for a small amount of time. The calamine lotion works really good, but for a short period of time as well. I saw on here that someone said to try Colgate so I planned on tryin it, but all we had was Aquafresh extreme clean. I tried it and it takes away the itching immediately and takes away some of the redness. Don't wash it off afterwards though because that takes the effects away. It feels cold after it dries, but it helps the itching. I don't know if it helps dry it out or not yet and I will get back to you on that.

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You should never put a harsh chemical on an open wound. Bleach can only be out on small closed wounds and to much will burn your skin. The are very few things you should use on your face and bleach is a def no. The skin on your face is very thin and there are tons of blood vessels in the face and anything harsh put on your face could cause scarring or toxins to get in your blood stream.


That's true I use colgate and it helps a lot


Your doctor is dead wrong. I have used vinegar on my hair, skin and face for years with great results, and never had a problem. IF your skin feels burned after using vinegar, it is because you are killing a fungus on your skin.

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