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I have had toenail fungus on one foot for about half a year now, and I'm pretty sure I got it from athletes foot about year before that. After trying many remedies, like the vinegar soak (regular and apple)sometimes for 2 hours a day, All sorts of cremes, mouthwash, etc. nothing seemed to work. Taking pills was not an option because I like my organs and don't want to damage them (lol). So then I tried my own remedy:

Step 1:

File the nails. I filed down the infected nails as much as i could, even the toes side by side just in case. (also i sterilized nail clipper and filer)

Step 2:

Burn the nails with a magnifying glass.
When I aimed the glass at a piece of wood, it started burning within 1 second. so I burned my toe nails thoroughly for several seconds several times. especially the infected parts. sometimes 2 - 3 times a week.

Step 3:

I dipped cotton swabs in Isopropyl alcohol and washed my toe nails in it up to 3 times a day everyday.

step 4: after alcohol dried, I placed a thick layer of turbinified Hydrochloride cream 1% on all nails.

Step 5: because of my work i had to wear shoes, So i bought foot powder and powderd my foot, then the sock, then some in my shoes, and my feet did not sweat at all, very dry. Also foot powders have good ingredients and also some sort of acid.

After about a week the yellow began receding and my nails became pink again. Although growth is slow they are getting better. This was significantly more progress than using any other remedy. My inspiration for this remedy was reading about people who used lasers on their toes or even strong lights.

I thank God they are getting better, After they are cured i will continue to put alcohol on my toes after a long day and keep powdering my shoes.


FYI, I purchased stuff from walmart:

Equate foot powder: $1.50
Jumbo 200 cottonballs: $2.50

Not sure about creme and alcohol solution. don't remember.

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How did you use the magnifying glass exactly? How did you create it to burn under the sun?

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