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Here's what worked for me: washing my sheets more frequently (every 5 days) and in hot (not warm) water.

I had severe eczema on my hands - in between my fingers and on my palms - and I couldn't understand why it got better when I travelled for work. I thought it had something to do with my diet at home.

I have been allergic to dust mites my whole life - sneezing, itchy eyes -- and one day it occurred to me that my eczema could also be a reaction to dust mites. We had been washing the sheets in warm instead of hot water to save energy, and not washing them all that frequently. When I started washing the sheets in hot water every 5 days, the eczema on my hands cleared up almost immediately.

Hope this works for someone else out there!

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Thanks for posting, we do my son's sheets one every 2 weeks, now we'll do them say, every 3 days...maybe his arms and legs will be ok again!


I am going to try this! The eczema on my hands is RIDICULOUS, and I am allergic to dust mites. Very interesting!


Thanks much for this tip. I'm going to give it a try. hey, at this point, will try most anything, and it sure can't hurt to wash in hot 7 more often!


Going to try this. My hand/finger eczema is the worst =/ thanks for posting

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