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I cant take it anymore. Iv had the acid treatment, ACV, Caster Oil, Tea Tree, the works. For over 6 months Ive suffered with this affliction from mild irritation, itching, burning, etc. Every daily application seems to have made it worse and worse to the point that I dont think I have an asshole anymore, just a cluster of warts that poop comes through. Im getting so depressed. Its affecting my work, driving, I just cant ever sit comfortably without pain tablets to take the edge off. I am HIV positive but my CD4 T-cell count is so up now on ARVs that its probably better than most HIV- people. Yet I cant get rid of this. Ive stopped doing anything, now I just thoroughly wash down there after every stool movement, drying off well, washing and drying thoroughly when the area starts to moisten. Its not really getting better but its stopped getting worse and there is much less irritation. I think your body must just fight it naturally. And keep clean, dry, avoid wearing undies, wear clothes once and wash clothes with hot water. Dont put on any oils or creams or acids or powders. If sore/sensitive/cracked/bleading just use a little mercurecrome/calamine logion around the area and allow to dry for a day. No longer. I think we are doing more harm than good with all these remedies. Thats how I feel anyway. Another thing - aviod course toilet papers. soft thin 1 ply or baby wipes, and dont go crazy wiping. If you not 'clean' after 2 wipes use soap and water (no course cloths) and rince off. Try get your bowel rhythems to time your home morning and evening routines to avoid the hastle of cleaning. Thats my 2 cents.

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how did u remove? what did u do?


Why don't u go to an ass doctor? The put acid on them,you may have to have it done 2 or 3x's but it works

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