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I had a sore throat for the past couple days. It was really hard for me to swallow without pain.. So I used pretty much 4 different remedies. First I gargled with HOT salt water for like 10 minutes. I gargled with Listerine.. THEN I gargled with Peroxide (gross) ..Then after that I sipped on some hot green tea with lemon juice & honey.. I ended up making 2 cups of tea.. I even went as far as drinking & gargling lemon juice. My Sore throat is GONE.. I hope this helps someone..

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melodie kalaluhi

:-o oh hunni that's extreme.geeeez!! I don't have half the recipe u mentioned.crrraaap!! I'm in pain and it truely hurts when I swallow.I'm willing to try anything.u mentioned hot tea I'll start with that..
Although I don't know u,I have to say 'I'm glad ur ok!! after garggoling all that. :-) much mahalo


My throat has been sore now for about three days. I have had sore throats int he past--but this is the worst ever. I have trouble sleeping because it burns so. I have drunk a ton of tea with honey and lemon, but I don't see any relief. I gargled a couple of times and saw no relief in that. In fact, the spray that is supposed to numb your throat? It burns mine!

I was wondering how long it took for you to get rid of that sore throat with what you did? How many times did you do it? How much tea did you drink? What was the mix? Something more specific?
sore sister


I tried this remedy and it really worked for me. Thanks!


I have two severe pink eyes and a sore throat for the past 6 days :( im in PAIN! so hopefully this works! 🙏

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